Sunny Sunday Morning Dance

by Druzhnik




released 10 November 2013

Recorded and mastered at Studio Ka, Faches-Thumesnil (FR) by Patrice Kubiak for Tour De Chauffe 2013.

Cover Photo: Matthieu Aveaux



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Sunny Sunday Morning Dance
You are what they call a reason to go on with this
You make me feel like i need to spread my hapiness
Yeah you are what they call a reason to go on with this

If you see I’m there
And if you’d like to know
Cause you seem unaware
And i would like to show
Show you
My sunny sunday morning dance

I saw what the winter did with the folks
I saw how december shitted on
Your cold and unprotected soul

But i feel wich way the rhytms roll
They roll from my feet to my nose until i overdose
And start to lose control

And I don’t care what visions show
I know how missions go
But i’m not obligated to make decissions so

I think i’ll just let it go
I think i’m doing it already
Yeah i’m on a roll

And so i’m rolling no goals and I just go in like
I have been blowing four doobs in a row but it’s just like
Instead of green I’m golden, Mika, it looks just like
You make sense in areas away from where it’s snowing, white

You don’t feel
You don’t see
You won’t need
Just do like me
and enjoy your sunny sunday morning dance
Track Name: Reversed God
Bark, lighten up that ignition in my heart
Walk,I.. don’t even mind cleaning up your shit in the park

back when it was dark, I, had to do a lot of cleaning up on my own
difference is that type of cleaning isn’t worth a bone

heard it’s lonely at the top, but boss is never alone
because you

you make my heart go
you make me feel so
when i'm scared and cold
you make me heal so

They’re gonna put a needle in her back
The reason is I don’t care, i’ll feed her till she’s back
I believe when i care, she’ll see where she’s at
In a place that’s rare where it’s okay to be attached

Okay to feel the warmth, okay to feel glad
Okay to lose all faith in science and facts
When love’s on the line and u wanna keep it in tact
But that’s unrealistic, fantasty, that’s

Not your world anymore
Sorry, you won’t see your girl anymore
You could get another they’ve got plenty more
You can’t even bother, memories too sour

It would never be the same again
Back at square one where life is to blame again
Where u won’t be heard when your head’s insane again
When u don’t need words but a friend who understands

She under-stands cause your her boss
But she’ll be under land and that’s your loss
She’s someone I need more off
She’s someone i feel a part off

So when she dies, i die
Life’s been a shitty ride, now it pisses on my flight
Before we’ll go to sleep i’ll kiss her goodbye
Now knowing who i’ll be when I open my … eyes

you make my heart go
you make me feel so
when i'm scared and cold
you make me heal so

I have to stop to pretend!
Stop to pretend boy!
You better stop to pretend!